All About Functional Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic Surgery

Autumn is one of the times in which more aesthetic interventions are carried out. Once the summer is over, many people take the step and take advantage of the first cold months to carry out this pending intervention. Among them is rhinoplasty or nose surgery, one of the most frequent surgical procedures in plastic surgery.

Why is it still one of the most demanded interventions?

Because the nose plays a predominant role in our face, both in frontal vision and in profile, a balanced nose is essential to achieve harmony with other facial features, and harmony is decisive in the beauty of a face. It is a very successful surgery because the results are appreciable from the first moment, it does not have a very complicated postoperative period, and the aesthetic results amply compensate the patients.

What is a patient asking you when you come to your office?

One of the problems is coming with unrealistic expectations, as the experts explain. It should be highly valued that the patient has realistic expectations of the result and that there are no serious psychological problems such as dysmorphophobias.

Many patients come to the consultation with the image of a famous person asking that they want their nose. But what they really don’t know is that each face is a balance of shapes and volumes, so it will never look the same as someone else’s because we do not have his eyes, his mouth, or the whole of the facial oval. Face surgery must be considered together.

The choice of technique

Regarding the choice of the technique to use, it is necessary to take into account if the patient’s features are long or round if the jaw, chin or cheekbones are wide or marked. The final assessment of the aspects of harmony, balance, and proportions of the face will be decisive in deciding the procedure to follow in the operation. Currently, it is a non-aggressive surgery with rapid recovery, and more so in our patients, since we do not place any gauze tamponade after the intervention, which ensures enormous comfort in the postoperative period.